Daily Archives: 2017-10-21

First day of service for DTL3 marred by train delays

DownTown Line 3 (DTL 3) started its first day of service on Saturday (21 October). With DTL, 16 additional stations are added to the DTL and SBS Transit has offered all commuters two-days opportunity of free rides to celebrate the event. The free rides apply on all 34 stations along the line. However, some commuters have expressed their disappointment on …

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Silencing another generation? – Part 1

by Teo Soh Lung Deputy Prime Minister Tharman’s speech in the recent Majulah lecture at NTU is interesting. Why did he say that Singapore today “is a vastly different and more liberal place compared to what it used to be?….” Last year, he shared the same view with pre-university students. He said: “There is more freedom now compared to a …

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New appointments and change of Permanent Secretaries

The Public Service Division (PSD) announces two new staff appointments into the Singapore civil service. Mr Png Cheong Boon, 47, Chief Executive Officer, JTC Corporation (CEO, JTC), will be appointed Second Permanent Secretary (Trade and Industry) on 1 June 2017. Mr Png spent the last 24 years in the Statutory Boards of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), rising …

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