Daily Archives: 2017-10-13

Give.asia deletes fundraising campaign for lawsuit by family of Benjamin Lim after receiving complaints from its community

GIVE.asia, an online fundraising portal deleted a fund-raising campaign for the legal action undertaken by Benjamin Lim’s family against the Ministry of Education and Singapore Police Force after receiving complaints from its community. There had been no notification of the deletion and the deletion was only made known to the family after screenshots of the deleted campaign was shared to …

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Airbnb and instant booking: A recipe for market domination

by Joseph DiTomaso, co-founder and CEO of AllTheRooms. Airbnb knows how to make waves in the accommodations booking industry. Over the last few years, the San Francisco-based company has taken major market space away from more conventional hotel booking sites like Hotels.com and Expedia.com, and it looks like the company has once again invented a new technique that will add …

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Head of MHA should reflect on himself before lamenting on his officers being abused

by Willy Sim I refer to your article: Public’s response to intended legal framework to protect police officers, “Respect needs to be earned, not asked or bought” regarding the needless need for Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to further enhance legislation to an already lopsided and overprotective criminal procedural code in Singapore, one where even judicial officers are unable to supervise proceedings! …

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Will SMRT management be held accountable by the authorities?

by Anthony Ng I have been very disturbed by the continuing saga, the flooding tunnel as the most recent, with SMRT. I’m even more disturbed with the deafening silence from all those responsible, no less the Minister himself. What I fear is that eventually the blame game will repeat itself and some minion/s will be the scapegoat. Here I’m referring to …

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Is the teaching of racial harmony in schools effective?

by Marie I am appalled to find out that as much as our country’s leaders continuously boast in mainstream media and even international media about how Singapore is a racially and religiously harmonious society, such may not be true on ground. A friend of mine who works in the education sector mentioned that this was nowhere true, especially in schools …

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Narrow path walked by the non-religious just got narrower

by Tan Tatt Si Lately, the non-religious are in the news for all the wrong reasons : from Malaysia’s minister denouncing atheists and wanting them tracked down; to Singapore’s former top civil servant insinuating atheists to be the potential cause in Singapore’s imminent demise; to  Amos Yee’s release from a Chicago immigration jail and vowing to ply his old tricks. …

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