Happy People Helping People Foundation holds first large scale excursion for elderly cardboard collectors

Volunteer group, Happy People Helping People Foundation held an outing for old folks (majority being cardboard collectors and those who live in rental flats) at Sentosa just last Saturday which was its largest event till date, with 79 elderlies and around 55 volunteers.

The old folks were pushed by volunteers from point to point with the aid of rented wheelchairs as many would find it hard to walk the distance. They were treated to a round trip on the cable car to see the Singapore sea view and a visit to the Butterfly Park.

Though there were hiccups along the way due to it being the volunteer group’s first major exclusion event from at least four clusters in Singapore, the old folks clearly enjoyed the company of the volunteers and day trip out on Sentosa.

Mr Mohammed Nafiz Kamarudin, co-founder of the volunteer group who organised the trip, says that he would hope more volunteers would join them so as get to know the old folks and befriend them, rather than just providing financial support to the group and for the old folks.

The volunteer group holds regular outing such as the one held at Sentosa and events with the old folks near their rental blocks, distributing food and carrying out activities with elders.