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IN TIME TO COME: a film that sets you thinking

IN TIME TO COME, an adventurous film produced by local director, Tan Pin Pin is showing exclusively at Filmgarde Bugis+ for a short run from Thursday to Sunday. The film’s official write up goes like this, “As enigmatic remnants of life from 25 years ago emerge – a bottle of water from the Singapore River, a copy of Yellow Pages, …

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A Foreign Domestic Worker’s Open Letter to Her Employer: What Your Helper Wants you to Know

Bhing has been a domestic worker in Singapore for 22 years. On her day off, Bhing volunteers at the helpdesk of HOME, giving advice to fellow domestic workers when they have trouble with their work. Unlike many others, Bhing has had good employers throughout her time working in Singapore, however through her work at HOME, she has witnessed other helpers’ struggles with their employers. …

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CPF changes methodology to measure CPF investment made by members but how transparent is the measurement?

The CPF board has just changed the methodology it uses to measure performance of members’ investments made through Ordinary Account savings so as to have a more rounded view of how they are performing. Besides excluding members with no investments in CPFIS, the new formula assesses not only the realised profits and losses of investments that were sold, but also the unrealised …

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Part 3 of “The Big Singapore Market Upgrade of 2017?”: Rise of the Single-Person Household

by Ku Swee Yong, Co-founder of HugProperty and Shannon Aw Qian Tong, undergraduate from the Department of Real Estate, National University of Singapore, a three part series on “The Big Singapore Market Upgrade of 2017?”. Previously, in part one and part two of this series, we discussed how employment opportunities and population growth would form a more relevant correlation to housing demand. We also …

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Chinese developers: Who exactly are they?

by Property Soul Since the start of the year, cash-rich property developers from mainland China have been actively participating in Government Land Sales (GLS) tenders. Aiming to expand their footprint in Singapore, they have set new records in bidding prices for residential sites. This is no doubt a big windfall for the government. But not for local developers who may …

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