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The Amos Yee saga: 3 lessons for Singapore

by Khush Chopra Amos Yee is finally a free bird. He finally gets the asylum he wanted in the United States but what has the debacle surrounding his persecution by Singapore authorities taught us? For me, there are 3 major learning points to take away. First and foremost we should learn from this experience and not prosecute children for holding an …

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US federal appeals court upheld previous judgement to grant Amos Yee asylum over persecution by Singapore government

Singaporean Blogger Amos Yee has been freed from a Chicago Immigration and Customs Enforcement office on Tuesday (US time) after a federal appeals court upheld the decision of an immigration judge to grant him asylum based on the grounds of persecution by the Singapore government. After Yee was earlier detained in December last year when he arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, …

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Netizens voice unhappiness over practices of carpark operators

In a Straits Times forum dated Tuesday (26 August), a member of public, Mr Gerard Tan Boon Heng wrote his complaint regarding carpark operators. Mr Gerard wrote that, in Singapore, carparks are allowed to charge any amount after you have consumed the service or product. “Many carparks in Singapore either do not display their fees prominently or place their signs in such a …

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Property Buying Guide – New Launch Building-under-Construction Condo

Buying a property in Singapore is a major investment, and buying a building-under-construction BUC properties heightens the risk. There’s no transaction history for you to check, and no way of knowing if the developer will fulfill the marketing hype. Still, you may be convinced by the lower initial costs, or by the high demand for a hot property, or a potential …

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Jobs as taxi drivers should be reserved for Singaporeans as last line of defence

by William Lim What jobs are left for Singaporeans right now? Practically zero! Previously, the taxi industry is meant for Singaporeans only. But with the third party apps coming along, Land Transport Authority (LTA) allows Permanent Residents (PRs) or even foreigners to drive , but of course, it comes with a condition – The driver cannot be self-employed and it …

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Despite reassurance from MCCY minister, why are athletes still lamenting the lack of financial resources and support in sports

by Jose Raymond In response to a Parliamentary Question by Workers’ Party’s Dennis Tan Lip Fong on 11 September, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu stated that “…under the High Performance Sports system, Team Singapore athletes are provided comprehensive support in the form of financial grants, training and competition opportunities, as well as coaching, sports science and medicine support.” But …

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