Daily Archives: 2017-09-18

HDB/CPF tips for the cash-strapped or dead broke

Some of my friends who were unable to attend my talk on Debt management at the seminar on 9 September, organised jointly by the Singapore Professional Centre and the Society of Financial Service Professionals, have asked me if I could write a short article about it. So, here are some tips on HDB and CPF, if you are cash-strapped or dead …

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Low levels of welfare makes UBI expensive to implement in Singapore

by Chris Kuan At the Future of Singapore (FOSG) forum on the economic and social causes of poverty, a Finnish exchange student asked Yeoh Lam Keong, former GIC chief economist about his opinion regarding the Universal Basic Income (UBI) which is undergoing an experiment in Finland. Lam Keong said that the UBI is very expensive to fund and that he …

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Protest at Hong Lim Park against Elected Presidency was never about the person

by Damanhuri Bin Abas The attempt to label this protest as anti-Halimah/Malay is misplaced. It was never about the person, it was about witnessing how the election process was systematically undermined, shortchanging citizen’s right to vote the best independent person for the vital role of Guardian of our National reserves as well as ensuring that meritocratic credentials are safeguarded in high …

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