Daily Archives: 2017-09-12

Anything to prevent the slightest transfer of power from the elite to the people

by Alfian Saat While it’s understandable that discussions of the Halimah Presidency might focus on issues of race, gender and meritocracy, I think that those are the side issues. In fact, this whole debate over Halimah’s ‘Malayness’ is a convenient distraction from the fundamental issues at stake. One of the things to note is that even though Ong Teng Cheong …

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Thoughts on the Unelected President of Singapore

by Teo Soh Lung My bet on the Reserved Presidential Election has from the beginning been a “no election”. This outcome has nothing to do with the qualifications of candidates. It has everything to do with the nature of the People’s Action Party. The PAP is basically a party of politicians without courage. They do not take risks. They calculate …

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SIFA 2017 ends with rousing applause and higher engagement; Fourth and final festival under Founding Festival Director, Ong Keng Sen

Keeping true to the vision of its Founding Festival Director for 2017 SIFA, there were increased participatory experiences this year such as open kitchens, open homes,  including a public forum (art as public interests) opening for the festival. The festival with over 281,000 audiences and above 85% sales, reached 63,000 audiences more than the 2016 edition of SIFA as it gives value to respecting …

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First World Country, Third World Democracy

by Yee Jenn Jong Just returned from helping to cover a Meet-the-People session for one of our MPs busy during the 7th month and parliament sitting. I have been waiting to write this after hearing that awfully sad news that there will be a walkover for the reserved Elected Presidency because only one has been qualified to run for the …

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