Daily Archives: 2017-09-11

SDP: PAP’s contempt for Singapore Constitution and flag must be roundly condemned

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has issued a statement in response to the latest news of Mdm Halimah Yacob, former Speaker of Parliament and People’s Action Party Member of Parliament, being the sole candidate who is issued the certificate of eligibility for the Presidential Election 2017. The walkover of the Presidential Election comes as no surprise. The PAP had changed the rules …

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Fake news: Who decides what is real and what is fake?

by Tan Kin Lian Long ago, most people trusted the mainstream media. They took care to verify the facts and to present an objective view. The government also acted as the gatekeeper and ensured that the media presented the news accurately and fairly. They also trusted the government agencies. For example, a government agency is responsible to approve medications to …

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