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Unfair to single out Tan Chuan Jin for criticism

by Tan Kin Lian Someone asked for my views about the apparent demotion of Tan Chuan Jin (TCJ) from minister to the Speaker of Parliament. I do not know TCJ personally. From the views that I read in the internet, he seemed to be someone who is willing to speak his mind, which in his case is writing on his …

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It is all about one man, Stupid!

by Lim Tean To paraphrase Ronald Reagan – There they go again! We heard yesterday from People’s Action Party (PAP) Ministers and the Emeritus Senior Minister a full rehash of their tired and by now totally discredited arguments for a reserved Presidential Election. For good measure, terrorism was also thrown in as part of the PAP’s staple of fearmongering. Despite …

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Illegal Shortcuts

by Teo Soh Lung In recent days, several anti-death penalty activists, journalists, filmmakers and friends of the family of the late Mr S Prabagaran were summoned to the Bedok Police Division for the purpose of recording statements relating to a candle light vigil outside Changi Prison. Mr Prabagaran was executed two months ago and the vigil was reported to have …

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What we can learn from cockroaches to survive the next crisis

by Property Soul Typhoon Hato lashed Southern China two weeks ago. Hong Kong and Macau were struck head-on with strong winds and heavy rain. A widely-shared youtube video of Macau showed thousands of cockroaches getting out of their underground hiding places and crawling one after the other over a sea wall. It was a well-coordinated effort to march to higher grounds to …

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Mortgage Rates: Will your home loan be affected by Libor problems?

London tower bridge

Sibor was the popular reference from which to price your home loan packages in Singapore. This stands for Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (Sibor). There is also the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and Mumbai Interbank offered Rate (MIBOR), Tokyo Interbank offered Rate (TIBOR) and Hongkong Interbank offered rate (HIBOR), just to name a few. Ever since LIBOR came under fire …

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