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Buying a commercial property versus residential property

Commercial properties CBD

by Angeline C and Paul HO ( Commercial properties rose in popularity following the cooling measures imposed on the residential segment in 2011 and 2013. The charts below show the office, retail space price index was on an uptrend from 2009 to 2013 though it has tapered in recent years with general weakness in the property market. For the private …

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Australian banks tighten lending – Non residents have to obtain loan in singapore

Sydney Opera House - australian property

by Paul Ho ( Australians have it so much better than Singaporeans in Singapore when it comes to properties. Not only do they have nicer, bigger homes, they also have easier financing options such as Interest-only payment, etc. Australians are probably as crazy if not more crazy than Asians with properties. Some Australians will even go as far as poisoning trees that …

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Recovery? What recovery?

by Property Soul Property news from the media can be very confusing these days. Headlines of articles on a single day can be totally contradictory to each other. On Monday August 14, Business Times had an article “Analysts upbeat on property, tech after Q2’s mixed earnings”. Flip the Straits Times on the same day and there’s a headline “More firms closing amid tough economy”. …

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Chee’s retreat

By Sim Ying The PAP government, like any other government on the face of the earth, is not without its faults. On this, I’m certain, we can all agree. But Chee Soon Juan’s latest claim against the PAP in TOC (“Reliance on major infrastructure projects for economic growth unsustainable”) avoids truths at the expense of his own credibility. Chee takes fire …

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Former Speaker’s behaviour during the passing of “Contempt of Court” bill, brings to question on her impartiality and independence

Following the recent charge by the Attorney General’s Chamber against Mr Li Shengwu, grandson of late Lee Kuan Yew for Contempt on Judiciary, and the on-going coverage of Mdm Halimah Yacob who has expressed intention to stand in the upcoming Presidential Election, one might recall the introduction and passing of the Administration of Justice (Protection) bill in August which Mdm Halimah …

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DBS to invest 20 million to transform employees into digital workforce

Following Prime Minister Lee’s National Day Rally speech about building a Smart Nation on Sunday, DBS Bank announced today that it is investing S$20 million over five years in a broad-based programme to skill its 10,000 Singapore-based employees in digital banking and emerging technologies, enabling them to thrive in the digital economy and adapt to the future of work. The DBS’ …

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National Day Rally ignores root problems and alternative solutions

Many have criticised PM Lee’s decision to focus on pre-schooling, diabetes, and Smart Nation. I disagree with the notion that these are unimportant matters. These three issues profoundly affect socioeconomic equality and have the potential to improve our lives in very real and tangible ways. It is just a pity that we seem to be obsessed with doing more rather …

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Singapore PM delivers banal speech for National Day Rally

by Lim Tean I never thought I would see the day when the Prime Minister of Singapore would give as banal a speech as he gave tonight. Our country has so many problems ranging from increasing unemployment , stagnating wages , astronomical costs of living , inadequate income for our elderly , ultra-low productivity and dismal innovation and entrepreneurship . The …

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PAP responsible for high levels of anxiety: Chee Soon Juan

“The danger is that our ministers, themselves brought through a system that stifles independent thinking and financially engorged with their salaries, possess neither the vision nor the courage to effect change even when they see the problems,” said Dr Chee Soon Juan in response to the results of an OECD report. The report indicates that 86 per cent of students …

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