Kembangan Private and Public Residential Area in Singapore at Early Morning Dawn Panorama from Shutterstock.com

Be the change you wish to see

by Khan Osman Sulaiman

1. We were promised Swiss standard of living. Instead we got the most expensive city to live in.

2. We were promised equality, instead we thrive in elitism.

3. We were told that our nation is built on meritocracy, instead we are ranked 5th in Crony Capitalism Index.

4. We pledged to build a democratic society but instead we got an autocratic government.

5. We spent billions of taxpayers money to increase productivity, but instead these measures are counter productive when we flood our workforce with cheap foreign labour.

6. We planned for a long term sustainable economic growth, but instead history has shown that our economic growth model is nothing meaningful except to increase our population digits by granting new citizens.

7. It is our objective to reach the world cup by 2010, but instead we are 7 years late and our football association is in the doldrums.

8. Our government pledged no one will be left behind but today, many are slipping through the cracks with reportedly high numbers of citizens seeking assistance.

9. We were told that our CPF can be withdrawn at age 55 with a minimum sum of $30,000. Throughout the years, the goal post has been shifted many times and today, the minimum sum stands at $161,000 at age 65.

10. We pledged to transform our country for the better, but today, we keep electing the same leaders expecting a different result.

Be the change you wish to see.

This was first published by Mr Osman as a Facebook status