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Reflections on life as a Malay/Muslim in a Chinese pond

by Ismail Kassim This is the theme of a little book by four Singaporeans – two Malay and two Arab. Though self-published and amateurish in look, it is still a welcome addition to the scarce literature on life as a minority from the point of view of ordinary citizens. The most interesting and substantive reflection is by Jailani Rohani, a …

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Better and more flexible annuities needed for retirement

by Chris Kuan A few friends who did not work in the financial industry and are in their late 40s or early 50s asked me about retirement income proposition. I had advised with the caveat that I am not a financial planner and through gritted teeth that they should start putting monies into deferred annuities. The way these work is …

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Be the change you wish to see

by Khan Osman Sulaiman 1. We were promised Swiss standard of living. Instead we got the most expensive city to live in. 2. We were promised equality, instead we thrive in elitism. 3. We were told that our nation is built on meritocracy, instead we are ranked 5th in Crony Capitalism Index. 4. We pledged to build a democratic society …

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Top 9 Myths About Travel Insurance

by Value Penguin, Mary Leah Milnes Travel insurance may not be as cut-and-dry as you might think. Keep reading to see if you’ve fallen prey to the top 9 common myths and misconceptions about travel insurance. 1. Travel insurance is unnecessary You might think that travel insurance is nothing more than another clever scheme cooked up to part you from your …

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