Daily Archives: 2017-08-24

Three million smokers around the world switch to IQOS, Philip Morris’ first commercialized heated tobacco product

Philip Morris Singapore Pte Ltd, an affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI) has just announced that approximately three million smokers have already switched to IQOS, its first heated tobacco product to be successfully commercialized, making a new step forward in the company’s ambition that all smokers switch to scientifically substantiated smoke-free products as soon as possible. The company noted that …

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Let’s talk experience, economics and productivity: Chee’s response

by Chee Soon Juan I THANK SIM Ying for the thoughtful comments in The Online Citizen article which, unfortunately, did not have a byline. Allow me first to predicate my response on the, by now, obvious observation that the broad direction of a country’s economy is made by leaders who seldom come readily equipped with vast, if any, experience of having, …

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Dear PM Lee, what will your legacy be?

By Patrick Low Dear PM Lee, Very soon you will be stepping down as Singapore’s third Prime Minister. Let me ask you “what kind of legacy would you like to bequeath to our country?” National Unity I am sure is uppermost in your mind. But have you done enough on this score? If not what else can you do before …

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