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Hard times for Singapore

By Lawrence Seow When I was younger, there were problems just like today. The big difference is I always had hope and believed someone out there had the solution. More than half a century has passed and I do not believe this anymore. Today I’ve come to realize our problems are so massive that no man, no leader, no company, …

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Buying a commercial property versus residential property

Commercial properties CBD

by Angeline C and Paul HO (iCompareLoan.com) Commercial properties rose in popularity following the cooling measures imposed on the residential segment in 2011 and 2013. The charts below show the office, retail space price index was on an uptrend from 2009 to 2013 though it has tapered in recent years with general weakness in the property market. For the private …

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Australian banks tighten lending – Non residents have to obtain loan in singapore

Sydney Opera House - australian property

by Paul Ho (iCompareLoan.com) Australians have it so much better than Singaporeans in Singapore when it comes to properties. Not only do they have nicer, bigger homes, they also have easier financing options such as Interest-only payment, etc. Australians are probably as crazy if not more crazy than Asians with properties. Some Australians will even go as far as poisoning trees that …

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Recovery? What recovery?

by Property Soul Property news from the media can be very confusing these days. Headlines of articles on a single day can be totally contradictory to each other. On Monday August 14, Business Times had an article “Analysts upbeat on property, tech after Q2’s mixed earnings”. Flip the Straits Times on the same day and there’s a headline “More firms closing amid tough economy”. …

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Chee’s retreat

By Sim Ying The PAP government, like any other government on the face of the earth, is not without its faults. On this, I’m certain, we can all agree. But Chee Soon Juan’s latest claim against the PAP in TOC (“Reliance on major infrastructure projects for economic growth unsustainable”) avoids truths at the expense of his own credibility. Chee takes fire …

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