Daily Archives: 2017-08-20

Singapore PM delivers banal speech for National Day Rally

by Lim Tean I never thought I would see the day when the Prime Minister of Singapore would give as banal a speech as he gave tonight. Our country has so many problems ranging from increasing unemployment , stagnating wages , astronomical costs of living , inadequate income for our elderly , ultra-low productivity and dismal innovation and entrepreneurship . The …

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PAP responsible for high levels of anxiety: Chee Soon Juan

“The danger is that our ministers, themselves brought through a system that stifles independent thinking and financially engorged with their salaries, possess neither the vision nor the courage to effect change even when they see the problems,” said Dr Chee Soon Juan in response to the results of an OECD report. The report indicates that 86 per cent of students …

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To avoid group-think, PAP must accept fair democratic contestation

“They must try their utmost to bring in potential office holders from outside the SAF and public sector to avoid group-think,” said Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong at a National Day Dinner. What ESM Goh failed to say is why. The ultimate goal of every political party that genuinely believes in itself is to remain in power. We may …

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