Photo from @VictorOcampo

Morning train breakdown attracts ridicule from Singaporeans

On the train delays:

Khairudin Salim: Transport Minister suddenly so quiet!

Derrick Eng: They were already rehearsing yesterday evening for today breakdown already. And please take these rehearsals seriously as you all are also rehearsals for later evening breakdown.

Kim Tan: How come ERP never break down before?

Vincent Khoo: Reliability improved 3x! Haha

Leong Lim: Shouldn’t write ‘Breaking News’ & it should be ‘Normal News’!

On students queuing up to get excuse slips for their PSLE oral examinations.

洪兴: Ministry of Education should post this transportation saga in today Oral examination topics. I very sure the students will express their frustration and disappointment well in this transportation saga and score very well in this Oral examination.

Ken Ng: Shameless. Ownself praise ownself until mrt kept breaking down

Leslie Lim: Relevant authorities send memo to construction industry to limit or reduce noise during PSLE oral.. They didn’t sent memo to mrt not to have signal fault?

Jem’ Ong: The irony is you are already late for exam, you still need to queue up for the stupid excuse slip …

On a video of commuters queuing up for a train at Bishan station:

Sio Cristoff: ‘Revenge of the tabloid’. A full 2 mins video clip showing disgruntled commuters.. .These msm really too much.. .glamorizing all this small little faults when LTA and mrt personnels are working THEIR BUTTS OFF to rectify it. Easy to write something negative and post it. If so simple ask reporters to fix the signalling faults la. ? Moo.. .

William Lim: How come I queue for my chicken rice no ppl bideo me

On SMRT’s advice to commuters that they should find alternative transport:

Mysterio Flair Khong: What sort of alternative transport when 80% of commuters travel by train! Can you provide 6 cabin long buses or flying buses?