Daily Archives: 2017-08-18

The prodigal son escapes; the press secretary restates

Li Shengwu: “In Singapore, it is possible that one can be detained and interrogated for some time without a lawyer. My friends had warned me that they were concerned for my safety if I remained in Singapore.” PM Lee’s press secretary: “This is a well-established legal process. Clear laws and procedures apply to all cases of contempt, including this case …

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Morning train breakdown attracts ridicule from Singaporeans

On the train delays: Khairudin Salim: Transport Minister suddenly so quiet! Derrick Eng: They were already rehearsing yesterday evening for today breakdown already. And please take these rehearsals seriously as you all are also rehearsals for later evening breakdown. Kim Tan: How come ERP never break down before? Vincent Khoo: Reliability improved 3x! Haha Leong Lim: Shouldn’t write ‘Breaking News’ & it should …

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DTL and NSL affected by signalling fault on Friday morning

Commuters were met with yet another service breakdown on Friday morning (18 Aug) since the service disruption along North South Line during the Thursday evening rush hour. At 6.29am, SMRT announced that commuters are to expect 30 minutes of additional travelling time between Sembawang and Marina South Pier stations due to a new signalling system fault near Ang Mo Kio. …

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