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The patterns of dodgy property agents

Co-authored by Mr. Ku Swee Yong and Janice Chin Li Ping, an undergraduate from the Department of Real Estate, National University of Singapore. In today’s competitive services market, real estate agents are not only caught in the strife of industry competition, they also have to grapple with being made redundant by technology. To say that there are many real estate …

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Why Singaporeans shouldn’t rush to buy BITCOIN right now

by Singsaver.com.sg Now that bitcoin is valued at US$4,000, some Singaporeans are wondering if it’s worth investing in bitcoin. Here are some things to know first. Bitcoin has steadily raised in value this past year and hit the US$4,000 mark last week. This has led some Singaporeans to question if bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrencies, are the “thing to get into”. After …

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Mercer: Singaporeans are less satisfied with their companies compared to their global counterparts

Singaporeans are less satisfied with their employers compared to their global counterparts, according to Mercer’s new Singapore employee engagement index Only 68% of Singaporean employees advocate for their companies as good places to work, compared to 76% in APAC. 30% feel their employers are not continually innovating their products and services. 20% of employees in the workforce say they are …

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Going cashless? Penalising non-adopters is not the solution

Source: Remember Singapore

Singapore wants to become a Smart Nation—who could argue against that? But this is a vacuous label. What is a Smart Nation? Adopting the latest technology? Harnessing big data? Being at the forefront of the Internet of Things? Surely not. Technologies are means to an end and it would be foolish to judge the value of new technologies based solely …

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