Daily Archives: 2017-07-25

How your parents’ income ultimately affects yours

by SingSaver.com.sg It’s a simple fact that your parents’ income has a huge impact on yours, as wealthier parents can give you more advantages. Here’s why. Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chua Jin recently talked about the new KidSTART initiative. This is a programme to identify and help children from vulnerable families in Singapore. It’s long been known that your parents’ …

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Why can’t we be transparent – for once – on labour statistics?

Lee Kuan Yew’s warning about foreign workers?  I was tagged by Yeoh Lam Keong to a facebook photo which quoted Lee Kuan Yew in 2010- “In five years, you will have 120,000 work-permit holders .. in 10 years, a quarter million. Is it bearable? Maybe if they were from our traditional sources: with Malaysians there are minimal cultural and language problems. Last year, however, …

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