Daily Archives: 2017-07-21

Readers shout down ST’s article criticising questions over “Malayness” of would-be Presidential candidates

In a opinion piece published by the Straits Times on 20 July, “Doubts about presidential hopefuls not being Malay enough are off track“, ST Political Editor Zakir Hussain argues that the very nature of this year’s contest has misdirected energies towards securing the ‘most authentic’ candidate instead of a Malay candidate who would make the best head of state. He wrote that …

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Is Li Shengwu above the Law?

by Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss A few short hours before the time appointed for a man to meet his violent death, someone who cared about the man wrote a poignant poem, ‘Our Five Stars Dim Tonight‘, out of the intensity of the moment. Ever since the invention of writing, poems have been a creative art form to convey the complexity of human emotions …

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All quiet on the western front?

by Teo Soh Lung Several of my friends tell me that they are sick and tired of the Oxley Gate saga. They view it as a private family squabble and are disappointed that it has drawn international attention, bringing much embarrassment to Singapore and Singaporeans. I too did not pay any attention to the family feud initially. Many months ago …

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