Daily Archives: 2017-07-20

Paying down home loan using CPF OA may not be wise

Paul Ho (iCompareLoan.com) Many couples in Singapore, men want to leverage (mostly) while women want to keep their home safe and want to pay down debt. The differences in behaviour could be traced to evolutionary preferences and natural selection between men and women. Paying off outstanding home loan with CPF OA A few couples whom I have met, they have …

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The dangers of dredging the Jamuna River for Singapore and Maldives

by Piyali Banergee, Resilience.org & Nature Watch, Bangladesh Vulnerable riverbeds, shorelines and even fresh water lakes are being damaged by sand dredgers across the world. Sand – a necessary part of making concrete used extensively in the construction industry – helps build the cities of tomorrow. But as these cities go up, the natural environment around them suffers. This is what …

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