Monthly Archives: June 2017

Amnesty International: Restrictions to LGBT gathering another attempt to suppress activism

International human rights group, Amnesty International is calling for Singapore authorities to revoke its new requirement that insists that entrances to a peaceful assembly are barricaded, and that people will be subjected to identity checks in order to enter. It states that this restriction is another attempt by authorities to restrict and suppress peaceful activism in Singapore. On 30 May, …

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Ah Boys to Men saga – Chinese privilege in Singapore’s context

by Offbeat Perspectives Since the whole Ah Boys to Men saga was about where to draw the line btw offence and humour when it comes to race, it would be very much relevant to hear the thoughts of a Singaporean Indian comedian himself – Rishi Budhrani on the matter. Speaking as a Chinese individual who is aware that I make up …

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Founder and CEO of Second Chance Properties expresses interest in standing for upcoming Presidential Election

According a report by Straits Times last night, there might not be a walkover in the upcoming Presidential Election after all. The newspaper reported that Mr Mohamed Salleh Marican, the founder and chief executive officer of Second Chance Properties had expressed interest in standing for the upcoming Presidential Election in September and will be collecting the application forms required to assess …

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