Daily Archives: 2017-06-30

Milk Prices: What alternatives do Singaporean parents have?

With the recent hype surrounding soaring infant milk powder prices in Singapore, parents have had an increasing headache as to how to provide for their children without burning holes in their wallets.  CupoNation, a leading online savings platform present in 19 countries around the world,  decided to help out Singaporean parents save every penny all the while still providing quality …

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Boeing Boeing, a comedy thriller to spice up your mundane life

Fancy a play that keeps you at the edge of the seat, bursting into laughter instead of screams? If yes, then BOEING BOEING is the show for you. Written in the grand tradition of the French bedroom farce,  BOEING BOEING has been performed all over the world since its Parisian premiere in December 1960. It has been listed in the Guinness Book …

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Singapore athletes’ brutal reactions to $600 a year grant

Exactly a week ago, The Online Citizen ran a story after a Facebook post by Jose Raymond about government agency Sport Singapore’s current funding policy for national athletes. In the Facebook post and subsequent story, it was revealed how Singapore national athletes were receiving a meagre $600 a year, or an average of $50 a month in training assistance grants …

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