Malay leaders and bodies need to be more proactive in attending to the gullible

Aetos officers on security deployment during Thaipusam
by Ismail Kassim

The arrest of two Aetos officers under the Internal Security Act (ISA) underscores the need for Malay leaders and bodies to be more proactive in preventing the gullible ones in their midst from falling into the sectarian religious trap.

In the latest case, one of the two wants to go to Syria to take the side of the Sunni rebels against the Shias-dominated government, while the other encourages him.

Both were obviously under the illusion that they would be helping the cause of Islam. Instead they are harming themselves, their families, their own Malay-Muslim community and Singapore.

The tragic truth is that the two have fallen into the trap of the Saudis, who though Sunnis in name, adhere to a deviant sect known as the Wahhabis, and who tend to regard all other Muslims as heretics.

The Saudis under the Al-Saud family are not fighting for Islam, but for their own sectional interests. And so are ISIS and its so-called Caliph leader.

And this is true also of many Muslim religious leaders around the globe and in our region, who have no compunction of mobilising and manipulating the masses in pursuit of their respective private agenda.

Just look at their bullying actions against tiny Qatar and their targeted air strikes against civilians in Yemen.

They only dare to show their colours against vulnerable Muslims but against the Zionist occupiers of Jerusalem, they hid in their warrens quiet as a mouse.

To help the Saudis in their murderous campaign against other Muslims is tantamount to helping the infidels; the reward is not heavenly bliss, but eternal damnation.

The Sunni-Shia conflict is an intractable Arab problem that we Malays in Singapore and elsewhere should not interfere.

Let them kill each other. They have been at each other’s throat for more than a thousand years; each side wants power not to build a united society but to bully the other.

We must and should reject Arabism. What’s wrong with being Malays?

It is about time we return to our roots and to our customs and traditions. I say bring back the sarong kebaya and the seledang and let’s frolic on the beach on Mandi Safar Day.

Ban the face veil from all public spaces; it is not Islam but the custom of a semi-savage tribe.

It is time for straight talking by our Muslim leaders including MUIS officials. The message that must be drummed to all is:

If you know and you keep quiet, you have become an accessory to terrorism. By not informing the authorities, you are causing widespread harm, not only to your loved ones, but also to your family, your community, your Singapore and to your faith, Islam.

This was first published at Mr Kassim’s Facebook page, he is a retired senior political correspondent from Straits Times,

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