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Vital questions that should not get lost in the Lee family saga

by Ghui Official responses, statements, Facebook posts are emerging fast and furious after the emergence of the Lee family dispute. They are rushing out at such breakneck speed that it is becoming hard to keep up with who said what and when. Two themes have become apparent however that should not get lost in this dramatic saga: Why is a …

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The flawed agenda of the Oxley House Ministerial Committee

by Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss I am troubled by the terms of reference for the Oxley House Ministerial Committee.  It looks to me that this Committee may be serving a personal vendetta instead of the public interest. Let me explain. According to a Statement by Cabinet Secretary Mr Tan Kee Yong issued on 14 June 2017, this Committee was set up “to consider …

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Community Play Day at Sports Hub for active lifestyle

The first day of the two-day Sports Hub Community Play Day kicked off in spectacular style as over 10,000 participants took to the OCBC Arena with their families and friends to take part in the nostalgic carnival and amusement park festivities. Following the success of the past editions, and the weekend coinciding with Father’s Day, this edition of the Community …

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The Lee family saga: Is this really just a family matter?

by Kwan Yue Keng The letter purportedly from “A Patriotic Singaporean” whilst appearing to be a rational objective letter assessing a particularly sensational yet sensitive issue; in my opinion it is merely trying to limit the political damage to the current Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. It keeps on harping on the fact that it is family matter and should …

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Lee family’s dispute has nothing to do with Singaporeans

Below is a letter that is circulating in social media, asking for Singaporeans to consider the Lee family saga as a family feud. Dear Lee Siblings Singapore woke up to the public fight between all 3++ of you. Now dysfunctional families are common. So are fights between siblings. These are usually amplified after the last parent passes away. Most of …

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