Daily Archives: 2017-06-17

CWS launches community initiative to provide for fosterers and rescue efforts

Cat Welfare Society has just launched a new rescue initiative on Saturday (17 June 2017), a fostering and rescue registry and training programme with cat care kits for 50 first-time fosterers. Announcing its self-initiated ground-up movement at the 17th CWS Annual General Meeting (AGM), the local animal welfare group will conduct its first Fostering 101 training session in July. It …

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Why not just build the LKY memorial somewhere else?

by Ngiam Shih-Tung Many commentators have said that Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) left a ‘mixed legacy’ for Singapore. Little did we know that his house would literally be a mixed legacy. The house was left entirely to Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) but with a demolition clause and another statement in the will that ‘If our children are unable to demolish …

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Separating state issues from the gossip

by Ghui The family drama that has erupted in Singapore’s first family has all the trappings of a Korean drama. It is so riveting that I may consider taking a break from watching the latest season of the House of Cards. Speculation aside, this saga raises some serious issues that are worthy of consideration. In a statement released by PM …

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