Daily Archives: 2017-06-15

Open official inquiry to clear up all doubts on Lee family saga?

If you are a stranger to the latest scandal to rock our little red dot, you must be living under a rock! (Pun intended). But just in case we do indeed have rock dwellers, a feud within the ruling family has spilled into the public domain with public statements and Facebook posts issued by all the major players in this …

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Estate planning – preventing the splitting of heirs and family fights

by 99.co The press statement by Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling admonishing their brother – Lee Hsien Loong (LHL), current Prime Minister of Singapore – in relation to Lee Kuan Yew’s express wish in his Will and/or Codicil to have his home at No. 38 Oxley Road demolished and the subsequent rebuttal by LHL, has the country …

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Stop blaming low-wage service workers for poor service

by Aloysius Chia When encountering service staff who seem to provide a ‘poor’ service, it is quite easy to deride them as being the cause of their own poor performance, say at a restaurant or at a retail store, which are outlets of leisurely activity for many who have time and money to spare. On the other hand, for many who …

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