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Arguments for minimum wage by Prof Lim sound and clear

Sharing the video of the interview of Professor Lim Chong Yah by Channel News Asia, Former GIC Chief Economist, Mr Yeoh Lam Keong agreed with Prof Lim’s points about minimum wage, saying that Prof Lim has set out the arguments for the need for a minimum wage in Singapore and how best it should be administered plainly and clearly. Stating …

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How much truth is in the statement that income inequality at its lowest since 2000?

I refer to the article “Commentary: Active government oversight has reduced Singapore’s income inequality” (Channel NewsAsia, Jun 12). It states that “Economic data tells us that Singapore’s income inequality has been on the decrease since 2007 and stands at its lowest today since official data first became available in 2000. Singapore’s gini at 0.444 in 2000 is lower than the gini of 0.458 in …

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Chee Hong Tat’s aimless political jab at Dr Tambyah

It seems to be a trend in Singapore nowadays for political figures to make baseless claims or allegation against individuals without any justification apart from motherhood statements, and after the “attack” is done and reported by the mainstream media, one pretends nothing has happened and move on with life. Earlier on 10 May, Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah, a medical professional …

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In Time To Come – a review of Pin Pin’s time travel

by Tan Wah Piow How do you tell the story of Singapore through the opening of an old Time Capsule, and the closing of a new one? This is especially challenging when the time lapse between one, created in 1990, and the other, is just 25 years ago. The task for a filmmaker is even more formidable when you invite …

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Even foreign employment agencies are preferred over local agencies?

I refer to the article “2nd foreign agency starts work to help PMETs in job search” (Straits Times, Jun 13). The states that Maximus Asia is the second foreign job-placement agency appointed by the Government under a two-year pilot scheme. The first agency, Ingeus, started operations in April. When asked how many job seekers Ingeus has taken on and how …

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T2APAC confirms player lineup for inaugural season

The inaugural T2 Asia-Pacific Table Tennis League (T2APAC) has confirmed its player lineup that includes several world-class paddlers from China and Japan. 17-year old World No. 16 Hina Hayata from Japan, who recently clinched the bronze in the women’s doubles at the Liebherr 2017 World Championships, and rising-star 13-year old Miyuu Kihara (world no. 158) will lead. The contingent from …

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