Photo from Huiying's Facebook page

Daughter seeking assistance for info on assault of her father at Hougang

A Facebook user is using her social media platform to find an alleged attacker who assaulted her father last night along Hougang Avenue 7.

Hui Ying posted on her Facebook wall on Friday evening and recounted the chain of events that led her father to be admitted to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack from the assault. In her post, Hui Ying said that her parents were crossing the road and trying to avoid a man, who was speeding towards them on his electronic scooter.

Hui Ying’s father was carrying a plastic bag containing his raincoat and had accidentally “brushed the man on his helmet”. The man immediately got off his electronic scooter and started hitting Hui Ying’s father.

According to Hui Ying, her father was punched on his face and chest, has abrasions to his arms and bruises on his face, forehead and the back of his head. Hui Ying’s 69-year-old father suffered a heart attack after and was admitted to the hospital, where he remain in the hospital’s care.

Two passers-by rushed to the elderly man’s aid and one chased the rider down, but lost him somewhere near Paya Lebar. “When my dad said he was going to call the police, the rider made a run for it,” Hui Ying said in her post.

A police report is said to have been made.

Hui Ying is asking the public to keep an eye out for a big sized Chinese man who looks rather muscular.

According to her father, the man looked to be around his 40s, although he claimed to be around his 60s. “Luckily there is no fracture or broken bones but my dad is 69-years-old and to be subjected to such brutality is really inhuman,” Hui Ying wrote.

The Online Citizen has reached out to Hui Ying for comments but she has yet to reply due to being swamped by multiple messages from netizens.