Daily Archives: 2017-05-20

MARUAH expresses concern over amendment of Public Order Act

In a recent statement issued to the press, Maruah, a local non-government would like to express its concern with the amendment to the Public Order Act. In its statement, MARUAH emphasises the practicality of the new rules, stating that Hong Lim Park is a public place and that it believes that organisers do not have the authority to exclude anyone from …

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SDP calls for public inquiry on loss suffered by GIC in sale of UBS shares

Below is a statement by Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) on the recent news that Singapore investment body, GIC might be looking at a loss of over $5.6 billion after it sold 93 million shares of Swiss bank UBS Group. SDP’s statement The recent announcement that the GIC stood to lose in excess of $5.6 billion comes as no surprise. The Swiss …

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A letter from a student of SOTA, “School Of The Resigned”

Submitted by a student of SOTA There has been much discussion surrounding School of The Arts, Singapore (SOTA) ever since the controversial news of a student’s “memorial” artwork hit the papers. It has been evident from the responses of students within the school on the social media platform, Reddit, that the removal of the artwork has stirred up previously underlying …

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Daughter seeking assistance for info on assault of her father at Hougang

A Facebook user is using her social media platform to find an alleged attacker who assaulted her father last night along Hougang Avenue 7. Hui Ying posted on her Facebook wall on Friday evening and recounted the chain of events that led her father to be admitted to the hospital after suffering from a heart attack from the assault. In her …

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