ACCA officially opens its new international office in Singapore

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the global body for professional accountants, launched its new international office in Singapore.

Officially launched by His Excellency, Scott Wightman, British High Commissioner to Singapore, the new office aims to drive innovation in the accountancy sectors in Singapore , its Asia Pacific neighbours and Emerging Markets such as Indonesia , Philippines , Myanmar , India , Russia and Latin America .

“This new office is a wonderful opportunity to expand their presence in Singapore , create a regional hub, and to reach out across Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is a key area of opportunity for professional services, with closer access to half of the world’s population. ASEAN is seeing rapidly emerging wealth including 200 million people expected to enter the middle class by 2030. All of this drives a demand for better quality services like accountancy,” said H.E. Wightman .

He added, “Between the opportunities across ASEAN and beyond, and the exciting developments in technology, the opportunities for accounting are greater than ever. And thanks to the ACCA, the professional standards that ensure the trust in the industry will continue”.

Guests being given a tour of the new premises

Headed by Mr Reuter Chua , the new office is strategically positioned in the heart of the central business district in close proximity to its major partners.

“Our teams here will contribute to the transformation of the accountancy sector in both Singapore and beyond her shores — locally working towards the vision presented in the strategic and far-sighted Committee of the Future Economy report,” said Ms Helen Brand , Chief Executive of ACCA.

The new office is positioned to promote thought leadership amongst its members by conducting world class academic and professional accountancy education in Singapore and the region.

“We are delighted to embark on a new chapter in ACCA’s history in Singapore , spanning 81 years. In staying relevant to the needs and demands of our changing environment, this new office will support the partnerships we have fostered with global multinational companies based in Singapore . In addition to greater capacity to cater to the needs of our 25,000 members and students, we are adopting innovative educational pedagogies and flexible digital platforms to deliver these classes,” said Mr Reuter Chua , Head of ACCA Singapore.

The new office increases the number of training rooms, allowing ACCA Singapore to offer 55% more training places in-house. Integrated with high tech facilities, trainees and lecturers will stay well-connected in the digital age.