Local startup releases new improved natural drug-free product to address menstrual cramps

MenstruHeat is Asia’s first portable and natural heat therapy patch. It is formulated to release the optimum amount of heat to effectively combat menstrual cramps.

This product belongs to a local start-up in Singapore, pslove company, which saw a need for a natural, drug-free and convenient solution to menstrual cramps, which affects over 500 million females around the world, back in 2015.

Instead of using medicine to address the menstrual pain, MenstruHeat uses ‘heat’ as it has been clinically proven to be as effective as painkillers. Therefore, the product is designed not just to prevent the pain, but also to provide soothing comfort and support.

After its initial product launch, the company released a new & improved MenstruHeat, which has been redesigned after surveying and understanding their customer needs.

The company has sent a couple of its products over to TOC for testing over the past months.

While the initial design had the problem of being too hot when affix directly to the skin, and the user had to affix the plaster on her blouse or over a jacket, making it cumbersome to use, the new version of MenstruHeat does not have the same problem of overheating. The product is now more ergonomic and fits the abdomen even better with its improved medicalgrade adhesive for maximum comfort.

Unlike the previous version, the adhesive is now layered onto cloth instead of plastic. This change allows the product to be able to be stick directly to the skin, allowing the use of the product to be more discreet.

The change in shape and design of MenstruHeat has been complemented by the change in packaging. MenstruHeat comes in a compact size, making it easier to carry around. The key reason given by the company for the re-design of MenstruHeat has been to make it more convenient, through its shape, size and packaging.

The improved MenstruHeat is now available both online and in stores in Singapore (Guardian & 7-Eleven) and online in Malaysia (www.pslove.co).

Aside from MenstruHeat, the pslove company has also launched BackHeat and NeckHeat. These two new products - BackHeat & NeckHeat help combat back pain and neck & shoulder pain respectively.

For this, I gave to my mother who had backaches to try it out. The heat does help to relief the pain and reduce the ache. However, caution is to be taken while using the product. Do not to lie on the plaster itself as it does get hot when its heat is not dissipated through open air.

These new products are available online in both Singapore and Malaysia at www.pslove.co.

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This entry was posted in Business.