Photo: Mr Png Eng Huat Facebook

Fast restoration of disrupted power supply at Hougang block 363

The electrical power supply to block 363, Hougang Avenue 5 was disrupted in the morning on 2 April because the incoming supply cables to the block caught fire, but fast responses from related parties have made the incident victimless and quick restoration of the electrical power was achieved.

Photo: Mr Png Eng Huat Facebook

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said they received a call at around 8.30am about a fire involving an electrical switch-box at the void deck and quickly responded. The fire was put out using a dry powder extinguisher.

"There were no reports of injuries," SCDF said.

Png Eng Huat, the Workers’ Party Member of Parliament (MP) of Hougang, posted the incident on his Facebook page.

Mr Png said on his post, “To the people who helped to restore power to the residents of Blk 363, a BIG thank you.”

“The speed and efficiency, and the co-ordination between Police, SCDF, Town Council, and SP Powergrid is amazing. A standby generator truck was on site by 10.30am.”

Mr Png said the SP Powergrid staff and TC contractors made very good call. Temporary power was restored by 11am and one lift was quickly turned back on for residents to use.

He said the residents he spoke to were in good spirit. They were assured that things will be back to normal by the end of the day. “Some parents jokingly told me their kids were more worried - no wifi and power to charge their phones..,” Mr Png said.

Singapore Power (SP) said investigation for the cause of the burnt is ongoing.

Netizens praised the MP of the GRC on his alertness and quick response to the incident.

Kenneth Low commented, “Now that is what I call a MP doing his job. Kudos to you Mr Png, show them what it means to be a full time MP.”

Paul Tang commented, “Fast response, but really need to look into the real cause. Could be poor workmanship?”

Jimmy Ng commented, “Superb. The Spirit of a good MP”

Hassan Al Manna commented, “I am not from your constituent but I feel proud to know your efficiency and dedicatedness. Bravo WP”



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This entry was posted in Civil Society.