Chang Mei Hoi, on the right

Looking for aunt, Chang Mei Hoi, 82

A Singaporean, Yim Fun Lai (Linda Lai) wrote to The Online Citizen, asking for help to find the whereabouts of her aunt, Chang Mei Hoi, 82.

Ms Yim explained that it has been a long time since she and her family met, heard or have any details about Ms Chang's whereabouts. Ms Yim’s mother, Chang Kung Hoi, 80, wants to meet her older sister before it’s too late.

She could only gave two photographs of her aunt, shown in this article. On the feature photo, her aunt sits on the right and her mother in the middle. On the photo below Ms Yim’s aunt sits on the left side.

Chang Mei Hoi, on the left

Chang Mei Hoi, on the left

Ms Yim and her mother moved to Australia in 1986, while her sister, Ms Chang Mei Hoi, and her children remained  in Singapore. The family last contacted in 1992, and Ms Chang Mei Hoi's known address at that time was at Block 754, #06-504, in Woodlands, Singapore.

Ms Yim’s aunt have three children, and her uncle with surname Yip has passed away many years ago.

The children names are Yip Yuk Fun, now 55-years-old, married; her older daughter called Yip Yuk Peng, 59-years-old, married; and her son is Yip Beng Kin, 52-years-old, also married.

After all the children got married it seemed that they had moved to a different house, this was how they lost contact, Ms Yim said.

“I am wanting to find out if my aunt is still alive and whether my mum still have a chance to meet her sister,” Ms Yim said in her email.

Anyone who could help or have information on her aunt may please contact TOC at [email protected], or Ms Yim at her email, [email protected]


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This entry was posted in People.