Daily Archives: 2017-03-05

Singapore Sports Hub needs a harsh reality check

By Kannan Raj If the Singapore Sports Hub’s response to a recent letter writer to TODAY is anything to go by, then it is obviously in need of a harsh reality check. In a letter to the TODAY newspaper published on 1 March, Mr Tom Chan Whye Shiung suggested how he had wished that the recent Guns N’Roses concert could …

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Thoughts on the Defence Cyber Organization, Cyber Security and Privacy

By Shaun Maximusp Pardon me but I do have misgivings about this Defence Cyber Organization that was announced but only days ago. Let’s not mince words, I’m wary of this Defence Cyber Organization (DCO) that is about to begin operations. It is a signals intelligence (SIGINT) organization. Other than for the publicly stated purpose (e.g. of protecting and securing the SAF …

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Caring hearts who take the burden of social support from the government

By Chris Kuan In the Budget debate, Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat on social support: “When it comes to customising assistance to the specific needs of certain communities, community action is critical … Even the strongest social safety nets are no substitute for the caring hearts and helpful hands of neighbours,” It means we should depend on the family and …

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Who is Indranee to tell us to be grateful?

By Jentrified Citizen At a recent Parliament session, Indranee Rajah,a Senior Minister of State said “We should be grateful that a person of such standing has agreed to dedicate himself to the public cause” in reference to Ex-MP MP Hri Kumar Nair’s appointment as deputy Attorney General (DAG). Her reasons on why we should be grateful included citing how he …

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