Source : SPCA.

Cat injured at Henderson road recovers after care from SPCA

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in a Facebook post has informed that Willow, the injured cat from Henderson road, is currently recovering at its shelter and doing well.

The videos of the cat were previously posted by Facebook account, Cats of Redhill, showing a suspected case of cat abuse with the cat having its stomach split open with guts spilling out.

A resident at Henderson road, Bonita (not her real name) who took the video, stated that the first video was taken at 10.15 am and the second video of the cat was taken at 11.20am when SPCA arrived, saying that she saw a blood trail along the corridor outside of her unit and that was why she went out to take a look.

SPCA said that it received the call from a concerned member of the public, asking for assistance for a badly injured cat at Henderson Road.

Its Animal Rescue Officer, Ish, attended to the call and found a local grey tabby cat with its intestines dangling out. The cat was then rushed to a clinic for emergency surgery.

SPCA noted that once Willow fully recovers, she will be put up for adoption, adding that she is a very affectionate cat, showing love to staffs while badly injured and in pain.

Cats of Redhill Facebook page noted that there is over 100 cats in the Redhill neighbourhood. Most of them are dumped out by irresponsible owners. There are almost 30 cats at the three Henderson blocks and carpark/bin center.

It also stated that this is the second similar case it heard in about 3 months. Unfortunately, for the first case, the cat was already dead by the time someone found the cat very early in the morning.

A report has been made to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and the volunteers are appealing for witnesses on the case. To contact Cats of Redhill, drop a message to them at their Facebook page or contact AVA directly.

Editor's note - SPCA has a high rate of euthanization as it is unable to hold on to too many animals at one time, if you are concerned about the injured cat, please approach SPCA to foster the cat or any cat welfare groups on this matter.