International table tennis organisation allegedly used NTU students’ design without credits and refused to apologise

A table tennis organisation allegedly used a design made by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students and refused to apologise.
A group of students from NTU set up a communications campaign called Project This Ability (PTA), their final year project which aims to encourage an active sporting lifestyle for young adults with disabilities.
They were succeeded in creating some nifty designs to raise awareness of disability sports, and were placed at several MRT stations and other places.
The PTA Facebook has their International Symbol of Access signs posted.

After a few days passed when a friend of the students alerted them that an international table tennis organisation, which has offices in Singapore, used the PTA’s original design and uploaded it on their Facebook page without the PTA branding and logo.
PTA reacted with a request to the organisation, only asking them to credit its creators, but it went unanswered.

image: Mr Collin Wang Facebook
image: Mr Collin Wang Facebook
One of the students, Collin Wang, then posted his disappointment on his Facebook.

Jeremy Hau Wen Xin, one of the students, has written an email requesting the organisation to give proper credits to their Facebook page for that post.

image: Mr Collin Wang Facebook
image: Mr Collin Wang Facebook
They received a reply where the Head of Communications (HoC) of the organisation claimed that ‘the signs were placed at public places and was impossible to know who to credit to’.
The PTA had placed these signs all over MRT stations and other places but everyone could see who the signs was made by as could be seen on the photo at Toa Payoh MRT station featured on top.
The HoC also implied that the students should be grateful as the reach of 35,000 was a credit to their work.
image: Mr Collin Wang Facebook
image: Mr Collin Wang Facebook
Mr Wang wrote, “I wonder where and who it was credited to, when there was not a single attribution to anyone?”
“I honestly can’t comprehend the difficulty of inserting a line of credit where obviously, a substantial amount of the work doesn’t even belong to them,” he said.
And instead of just crediting the project in their post, the organisation took down the entire post instead.
PTA is letting the issue rest now and they are moving on with their campaign.
Coconut Singapore reported the incident and wrote that to further their goals, the student team will be hosting a Para-Sports Day on 4 March where disabled folks can try out various sports.
As for the offending table tennis organisation, amazingly they now again posted the signs on their Facebook, with credit to the students.


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