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PAP states deputy-AG, Hri Kumar Nair no longer member of People’s Action Party, but refuse to say when he quit

In response to media queries, People’s Action Party (PAP) has stated that Deputy Attorney-General-designate Hri Kumar Nair is no longer the member of the party. However, the spokesman declined to mention when was he pulled out from the party. It was announced on Thursday (16 February) that Mr Nair has been appointed by the President as Deputy-Attorney-General for a term of 3 …

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Reply to EzBuy Response & EzPisser out there

by Typical Singapore Sales Bargain Hunter Firstly, “gam xia” you, The Online Citizen (TOC) for publishing my post so I can share my real experience at EzBuy Warehouse Sales. I didn’t think it would be published, I also didn’t think it would garner so many shares and interesting comments. Wah. You are a good channel for me to reach out to …

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Why did it take 15 years to get revelationary ElderShield statistics?

$2.6b in premiums, $100m in claims I refer to the article “Gan Kim Yong: $2.6 billion collected in premiums for ElderShield insurance and around $100 million paid out in claims since 2002” (theonlinecitizen, Feb 18). It states: “from 2002 to end-2015, about $2.6 billion have been collected in premiums for ElderShield insurance and around $100 million have been paid out …

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