Stocks replenished at warehouse sale

This letter is in response to a letter by a member of the public who left a comment on the warehouse sake of

Dear Bargain Hunter. Thank you so much for your good feedback.

On behalf of, I am so very sorry to hear your visit down to the warehouse yesterday yielded little and was largely a negative experience.

If I may, I would like to clarify, that none of the items on sale are rejects. All items on sale are brand new. Our sale started at 11am but a very long queue started to form from 9am onwards!

I guess when it comes to a sale, Singaporeans are just excellent bargain hunters!

Throughout the day, our warehouse staff worked very hard and replenished stock as much as they frenetically could though, the early visitors did manage to find good bargains and excellent finds including espresso machines, air-fryer, top-line furniture, in-season apparel and limited edition collectibles, to name a few.

This could very well explain why at 6:30pm, and with more than 6,000 visitors clocking in, you may have found the quality and selection of items underwhelming and in partial disarray.

You have given good comments and we will certainly be looking into how we can further better crowd management, layout of sale items, and car park amenities.

We did, preemptively prior to the sale, inform all who would attend - items that will be on sale and the pricing bandwidth, that we would offer delivery service for bulk items, that customers should bring their own carry bags or trolleys, and advised on accessibility in regards to public transport and car park facilities.

Thank you and yours truly,

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This entry was posted in Consumer Watch, Letters.