Indonesian domestic worker to be charged for murder of 77-year-old woman at Tampines

An Indonesian domestic worker has been arrested for a murder of a 77-year-old woman in her living room of flat at Block 276, Tampines Street 22 on Monday (13 February) afternoon.
The Police arrested the domestic worker on Tuesday (14 February) and she will be charged in court for murder on Wednesday (15 February).
The elderly, who was identified Madam Tay Quee Lang,  has been wheelchair-bound since last year after she experienced a fall. She lived in the flat with her husband Mr Tan Hee Seng, who is in his 70s. The domestic worker has only been working for the family for the last month.
The Police said that they received a call asking for their assistance at about 2.10pm on Monday.
The Police said that when its officers arrived at the scene, the woman was lying motionless. The elderly suffered a knife wound on her neck. She was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.
The domestic worker was the only one at home by the time of the incident. She was taken by the Police on Monday evening to assist them in investigations.
According to The Straits Times, the neighbour who lived on the same floor with the victim, Ashaari Hasan Basri, 28, rushed in the unit, when he heard the domestic worker crying and shouting, “Ah Ma!” (Hokkien for grandmother) from the inside.
He immediately called the Police to seek for their assistance.
Mr Ashaari said that the domestic worker looked lost and only told him that ‘Ah Ma’ had slashed herself with a knife.

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