Khaw Boon Wan: Trial for foldable bicycle and PMDs on public transport should be allowed to run its course

Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan has asked that the six-month trial to allow foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices to be brought onto public transport at all times of the day, should be allowed to run its course before making any policy decisions, as it has just started only about a month ago
This is his reply to MP Er Dr Lee Bee Wah MP of Nee Soon GRC who asked the Minister for Transport what are the findings of the ongoing pilot project to allow foldable bikes and e-scooters on MRT trains and buses, whether the Ministry will consider disallowing this during peak hours when the trains are very crowded, and what action can be taken if a passenger fails to fold the bike or e-scooter on the trains.
Mr Khaw said that so far, the public response has been positive and there have been few complaints. From observations, the very large majority of the commuters who brought bicycles or personal mobility devices on board buses and trains behaved responsibly and courteously, and in particular, folded the devices.
“Those who do not do so are liable to a maximum fine of $500 upon conviction,” he noted.
Land Transport Authority (LTA)  had announced that the trial would begin on 1 December 2016, saying that commuters would be allowed to bring foldable bicycles and PMDS which meet the following dimensions – a length of up to 120cm, a height of 70cm and a width of 40cm – on board public transport at any time of the day.
LTA also announced that only one foldable bicycle or PMD is allowed on the bus, passengers have to keep the bicycles folded at all times, the devices must be switched off during the trip, and passengers must cover the dirty wheels and protruding parts.

Source : LTA.
Source : LTA.

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