Another car caught on video, going against traffic

Yet another car was caught on video driving against traffic at Gateway Drive towards Westgate Shopping Centre on Monday (2 January).
The grey car was going on the rightmost side of the road on an empty road. posted another video which shows a car was parked on the rightmost side of the road, facing the opposite direction.
The incident took place along CTE towards SLE.
“Please do not stand along expressway after an accident or stalled vehicle. This is especially dangerous if it is a blind spot, road curve or hidden by a slope. Life is precious and safety must take first priority over all else. Stay behind barriers until help arrives or until it is absolutely safe to get to out of this situation,” it wrote.
This kind of reckless behaviour may cause a fatal accident, just like the one which took place at AYE on 19 December last year.
On 29 December 2016, Ahmad Fauzy also posted a video on his Facebook page, showing a Mercedes driver who also went against the traffic.

BenChia Lor also posted a video of a car who went along AYE towards Tuas just before Clementi Avenue 2 exit on 5 January 2017 around 1.30am.

There seems to be an increase of such incidents lately.
According to the law, the penalty that can be imposed by the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) for driving against the flow of traffic in Singapore may include:

  • Four demerit points and a fine of S$130 for obstructing traffic, and
  • Six demerit points and a fine of S$150 for driving against the flow.
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