Daily Archives: 2017-01-02

A comparison between Singapore and Germany on reaction of the police

By Teo Soh Lung These days I cannot help thinking and comparing the investigative skill and responsibility of the police in Singapore and that of Germany. Remember the “Little India Riot” on 8 Dec 2013 which was sparked by a fatal accident? An estimated 300 “rioters” necessitated the deployment of about 300 police personnel. More than 20 police officers were …

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Road closure along Hasting Road for Pongal Heritage Carnival 2017

Singapore Police Force (SPF) will close Little India’s Hasting Road from 10.00am on Tuesday (3 January) to 5.00pm on Tuesday (17 January) in light of Pongal Heritage Carnival 2017. SPF said that during the road closure, access will only be granted to police and emergency vehicles. Parking restrictions along the peripheral roads will be strictly enforced. Therefore, vehicles found parking and causing obstruction …

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