SPF warns of unsubstantiated warning of terrorist attacks spreading online

Singapore Police Force (SPF) has stated that they are aware of a text message that has been circulating via Whatsapp, which warns of potential terrorist attacks in December at popular shopping areas such as Orchard Road and Vivocity.

The message was also spread on Facebook, stating that the information came from someone who has a connection with an SPF officer.

Source : Facebook.
Source : Facebook.

In response to the message that was being spread, SPF urges members of the public to refrain from circulating unsubstantiated information as this may cause public alarm.

However, it asked members of the public to stay vigilant and to report suspicious activities/persons/items to the Police.

“We can all contribute towards SGSecure and help ensure that the safety and security of our friends and loved ones are not compromised,” it wrote.


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