Daily Archives: 2016-11-26

Local and International groups express solidarity for the families of executed prisoners in Singapore

We, the undersigned organisations, condemn the shameful execution of a Nigerian national,Chijioke Stephen Obioha, and a Malaysian national, Devendran a/l Supramaniam in Singapore on 18 November 2016, which runs counter to global trends towards abolition of capital punishment. Around the same time, at the 50thand 51stmeeting of the UN General Assembly’sThird Committee’s 71st sessionproceedings, the Singapore representative introduced amendments, undermining …

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Cuba’s leader of revolution, Fidel Castro, dies at 90

Fidel Castro, revolutionary leader of Cuba has died at the age of 90. He had been in poor health since an intestinal ailment nearly killed him in 2006. The news was announced by his successor as Cuban president Raúl Castro, his own brother, on Cuban national TV. “The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this …

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Detention of Bersih leader Maria Chin Abdullah is simply bad fiction

Press Statement from SIARAM Adviser Kia Soong Kua on the detention of Bersih leader Maria Chin Abdullah In 1987, the Mahathir government tried to justify the mass arrests and detentions without trial under Operation Lalang with a “White paper” on the supposed clandestine connections of all the people caught in the dragnet. We called it a “Whitewash caper” over the detention …

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Just another house visit by a MP

Pritam Singh, a Parliament Member of The Workers Party (Aljunied GRC), was doing his usual house visit one evening a few days ago when he came to the house of Mr. Goh (his full name was not revealed). He knocked and the door was opened by a shirtless elderly man who looked healthy and fresh. Mr Singh greeted the man, …

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