Source : Diya Twitter account.

Service disruption continues on Circle Line, spurring suspension of telco networks during peak hours

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) has announced on Friday (4 November) morning that due to intermittent signal interference, the Circle Line (CCL) trains may experience delays and the trains are manned for safety reason.


A moment later, it said that due to ongoing tests, commuters travelling along the CCL will experience a temporary suspension of telcos’ signal.


Starhub, Singtel, and M1 alerted their costumers on the suspension through their Facebook accounts, stating that the suspension is extended until further notice.starhub1singtel1m1

Commuters were infuriated with the delay since this was the third day in a row the train experienced such issue during peak hours. The first one occurred on Wednesday. Last night (3 November), the line was delaying and all the telcos also suspended their signals.

This morning, one of the Twitter users, probably Justin, wrote that there was no service on the line.

Jonathan Chang asked the whereabouts of the Minister of Transport, Khaw Boon Wan, during this chaotic moments.

Patrick Khaw asked the authorities that since there was no signal on the line, why aren’t they put up the alert sign on the stations to inform commuters of the suspension. Therefore, according to Agnes, many commuters were trying to restart their phones in the train since they were not aware of the suspension.




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