Source : The Straits Times.

Netizens on new levy for Singapore-registered cars when entering Malaysia

Starting from 1 November at 12.01am, Malaysia charges Singapore-registered cars entering Malaysia at two of the land checkpoints, Woodlands and Tuas second link.

Malaysian Transport Minister, Liow Tiong Lai had earlier stated to the press that the Singapore cars will have to pay a road charge for RM21 (S$6.60) levy.

An average of 20,000 Singapore-registered vehicles entered Malaysia daily via the Causeway and the Second Link.

Motorists commented on the new charge, many say that this will give impact to Johor Bahru economy as people will prefer to stay in the country than to travel across the border. Here are what they wrote :

  • Ronnie Ronnie wrote, “Both governments will benefit from this – people keep paying. I hope there is a rethink of money policies. Malaysia is benefiting from the many tourists from Singapore. So why levy charges on visitors that create wealth for your economy. If no visitors then Malaysia may have to spend millions in advertising fee to attract visitors. Cannot understand the login to levy VEP.”
  •  Kenny Tean wrote, “Great impose! I foreseen when this goes on, I’m pretty sure a lot businesses in Johor Bahru going to close down. Do remember who are those have spending power in Johor Bahru. Singapore government actually prefer their netizen to spend in the country. The biggest impact are those who have family in Johor Bahru and working in Singapore. Those who drove Singapore cars. When Singapore Government implement something to match, good luck to those who drove Malaysia cars.”
  • Azlee Rico Ucheeha wrote, “This will not last, I hope. One of the ones who will suffer are the retail owners in Malaysia. Their business will take a hit. Singapore implemented the VEP to prevent overcrowding of foreign vehicles on the roads. What is Malaysia’s reason behind this? I don’t enter Malaysia often so this is does not affect me but I feel for those who drive in and out daily.”
  • William Tan wrote, “What Malaysian Government does is to penalize Singaporeans and benefits their people, whereby, Singapore authority penalize locals and benefit foreign cars by giving free entry on weekend and 10 days free entry per year.”
  • Pat Eng wrote, “They are learning from us how the government makes money but for now they started off with foreigners first, not the locals.”

However, some have no issue towards the new rule. One of the netizens wrote that Singapore also charges as much as $35 VEP to foreign cars.  Some remind others to respect the law of other countries. Here are what they wrote:

  • Jessyca Devy wrote, “Singapore is charging $35 VEP for all foreign cars. Why no one complain? When Malaysia charge $6.60 so much of complaints. It’s not fair. $6.60 is nothing compared to what they are paying”
  • Jack Ow wrote, “We always ask foreigners to follow and respect our laws and policies but we make noise on other country’s laws and policies. Even they discriminate what can we do? Let the gov deal with it. Not easy to deal with even so. Need to think of a way as if not attacking them back and need to be diplomatic. More difficult than a neighbour dispute.”
  • Ding Ju Hang wrote, “This will encourage the use of public transportation because only the rich ones with private cars shall be effected.”
  • Jhan Farishta wrote, ” PAP take billions from Singaporeans by force yet they keep quiet but when Malaysia charge $6.60 of which they can choose not to go yet want to complain.”
  • Abdul Hamid Abdul Karim wrote, “This story never end. They have theirs. We have ours. Not every citizens is happy either. as though as no other stories. Pay if you want to go and enter Malaysia by private vehicle as stated.”