Animal shelter and welfare group, Animal Lovers League is seeking assistance from members of the public to identify the driver who is involved in a hit-and-run accident with one of its sheltered dogs.

Speaking to Ms Cathy Strong, one of the three founders of the Animal Lovers League, TOC understands that “Sayang”, one of the dogs housed by the animal shelter had been knocked by a vehicle along Pasir Ris Farmway 3 at 10.45am this morning.

The driver of the vehicle, SJR 9248E, had managed to jam on the brakes after knocking the dog down and fortunately, the dog was not pinned under the vehicle.

According to Tan Lixin who posted on the accident, “When the car ran him over, the wheel rolled over him and he was also hit several times by the mud guard as the driver didn’t stop, while he struggled under the car.”

The dog immediately made a dash towards the forested area.

Location where the accident took place
Location where the accident took place

It is unknown how the dog got over the fence and onto the road.

After the accident, the volunteer who witnessed the incident, confronted the driver of the vehicle.

According to the witness, the female driver said, “”F*** you. It’s only a dog,” and subsequently drove off without rendering any assistance or leaving her particulars down.

Another volunteer who was also a witness to the whole accident, ran into the shelter and told what happened.

Cathy, along with several other volunteers went into the forested area and went looking for “Sayang”.

When they found the dog, it was showing signs of trauma and was panting so badly that the shelter was concerned that the dog had suffered internal injuries from the collision.

The dog is now ongoing checks at the veterinarian to check for internal injuries.

The shelter will be making a police report at the police station and will also approach the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to make another report when it opens on Monday.

Cathy commented to TOC, “She (the female driver) can’t just think that because it is a dog and get away with it.”

The shelter will follow up with the investigations on the case and would want the driver to pay for the medical bills incurred as a result of the accident.

The shelter wrote on its Facebook page, “We will not allow anyone to think he/she can get away with hit and run just because it happened to an animal.”

If you know who the driver is, please TEXT or whatsapp Cathy on 91546422.


Under section 84 of the Road Traffic Act, where an accident occurs owing to the presence of a motor vehicle on a road and the accident results in damage or injury to any person, vehicle, structure or animal, the driver of the motor vehicle must stop the motor vehicle and the driver must do such of the following as may be applicable:

  • The driver if requested to do so by any person at the scene of the accident having reasonable grounds for so requesting the driver’s particulars, provide the driver’s particulars to that person;
  • If no person is present at the scene of the accident, the driver must take reasonable steps to inform the owner (if any) of the damaged vehicle or structure, or injured animal, of the damage or injury caused to the vehicle, structure or animal (as the case may be), and provide that owner with the driver’s particulars.

If any person fails to comply with any of the provisions of section 84, the driver can face a fine up to $3,000 or be jailed up to a year. For a subsequent conviction, the driver can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to two years.

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