Taxi driver taking a shortcut illegally by driving against the traffic?

A video posted in Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road, Say No to Reckless Driving in Singapore – shows a SMRT taxi (SHB5759G) taking “shortcut” from Jalan Sayang to Jalan Kembangan, going against traffic directions along Sims Avenue East.

It is said that the incident happened on 12 September around 12 pm.

It seems like there’s no rule in traffic sometimes, or are some drivers adapting to the paradigm “rules are made to be broken?”

Referring to the map where the incident took place, we can see that the road is a one-way traffic and it might be possible that the taxi driver took a wrong turn in one of the small roads.


The penalty that can be imposed by the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) for driving against the flow of traffic in Singapore may include:

  • Four demerit points and a fine of S$130 for obstructing traffic, and
  • Six demerit points and a fine of S$150 for driving against the flow.

This is notwithstanding prosecution by the Traffic Police for driving recklessly and endangering the lives of others.

Below are the comments people made to the post, which also shows there are different perception to this incident.

  • Lee Wai Pong I have experienced this once at the same location when a woman driver from Changi Rd (Sims Ave East exit) turned left instead of right and barrelled down Sims Ave East. It was like an action movie as she tried to weave her way into an avalanche of on-coming traffic with terrified drivers in both directions horning like crazy. She managed to finally drive herself out of harm’s way by turning left into Jalan Senyum – seen on the right of this clip.
  • Ted Dy By law, he will get 12pts+fine for driving against traffic flow. Not sure if TP will impose more charges. But for sure, vocational. License gone liao. However, grab and uber is ready to accept him, no?
  • Reuben Cheang This should be the beginning of the end of his taxi career. Anyway, given how poorly management is this taxi company, I’ll also not surprise if this driver will still be plying the roads without a single day of suspension.
  • Lawrence Wong I think you shouldn’t sensationalise the headline by implying that he took a short cut. Most likely he’s new in this trade and took a wrong turn instead of intentionally driving against traffic in such a heavy traffic road.
  • Ian Tan Taxi no problem la, they pay more taxes on the road so they think that they own the road plus a mindset of, ‘If I lose my cab, there’s Uber and Grab to drive for’ mentality. Even cab companies are afraid to lose their ‘tenants’.
  • Mohamed Rezeini Just feel sad to see all this comments…. Yes what he did was very wrong….. If u tink positive, he assume that 4 lane rd is a 2 way road…. If he really wanna make a short cut, he will Stright go to the 4th lane….. Hope the taxi and other road user is fine…. Nowadays people really easily believe what the headline say….. Lucky they never put “drunken taxi Uncle” or ” A young boy playing with his Uncle taxi.”
  • Tang Alexis Rudi Think traffic police should be spending more time catching these idiots instead of hiding behind the bush n ambushing cars with tinted glass or exhaust pipe.
  • Erwin Soo must have turned out from the estate and not familiar with this one way main road.
  • Dave Woo TP must take action against such errant irresponsible drivers that cause accidents on our roads.
  • Khiat Seet This is why cabbies have a bad reputation – all it takes it one or two of such idiots to ruin it.
  • Danny Koh Where is the TP when you need them most.
  • William Tan kick the SMRT taxi out of the road,so dangerous to drive opposite direction…Please take action on him, or no he will do it again.?
  • Kelvin Leong Report to TP and SMRT to deter this rash act which will endanger passenger life.


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