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Malaysian oil tanker hijacked and taken into Indonesian waters

A Malaysian oil tanker carrying 900,000 litres of diesel has been hijacked and taken into Indonesian waters.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)’s chief wrote on twitter on 16 August that it suspected the ship, MT Vier Harmoni, was seized in the water of Kuantan Port.

TheWorldPost reported that (MMEA) said in a statement given today (17 August) that the tanker has been located in the waters off Batam, Indonesia.

map: TOC
map: TOC

Its cargo is reportedly worth about 1.57 Malaysian Ringgit (S$526,700).

The identity of the hijackers is not yet known.

Al Jazeera reported today, it was unclear if the ship was actually hijacked.

“Sources have told Al Jazeera that the crew may have taken the tanker to Indonesia,”

“But the Indonesian authorities are also confused about the situation and say they are in touch with the Malaysian maritime enforcement agency.”

In June last year, pirates hijacked the Orkim Victory, a Malaysian tanker, and pumped the oil from it into another tanker before releasing it.